Construction has wrapped up for the $80-million At Mateo development, the latest in a stream of office developments in Downtown's Arts District.

The project, developed as a joint venture between ASB Real Estate Investments and Blatteis & Schnur Incorporated, consists of multiple low-rise buildings featuring commercial offices above shops and restaurants, as well as an adjoining 540-car parking structure.

When first proposed, At Mateo was imagined as an open-air retail center, featuring 125,000 square feet of space for shops and restaurants and just 50,000 square feet of offices.  However, after signing a 29,000-square-foot lease with Soylent earlier this year, the Real Deal reported that the project had been reconfigured with a greater emphasis on office space, citing sources at the project's leasing agent, Cushman & Wakefield.

An official website now advertises approximately 100,000 square feet of office space available.


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