Pantages Theatre patrons will soon need to find new parking accommodations, as an immense mixed-use development gears up to being work on the sprawling surface lot along the Walk of Fame.

Earlier this week, developers DLJ Real Estate Capital and Clarett West filed permits with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to allow for the construction of a seven-story residential-retail complex at 6200 Hollywood Boulevard.  The proposed development would include multiple low-rise structures, offering a combined total of 513 apartments above street-level commercial space and a five-level subterranean parking garage.

The project is a follow-up to the Eastown Apartments, a similar mixed-use complex developed by DLJ and Clarett West which recently opened on the opposite side of Hollywood Boulevard.  The four-building development, designed by Santa Monica-based VTBS Architects, includes 535 one-and-two-bedroom apartments and 75,000 square feet of ground-floor shops and restaurants.

According to the website of DLJ Capital, construction of the second phase of Eastown is expected to last approximately two years beginning in the second half of 2015.  Delivery is scheduled to follow in 2017.

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