The City of Los Angeles intends to sell a former Community Redevelopment Agency property in Boyle Heights to a private firm that would develop a project featuring some combination of affordable housing and retail space.

The development site, located at 110 S. Boyle Avenue, is an approximately 14,000-square-foot lot located across the street from Mariachi Plaza and the Boyle Hotel.  Various redevelopment and community plans in recent years have designated the lot as an opportunity site for public parking, low income housing and commercial space.

According to a memo from the Economic and Workforce Development Department, two entities have submitted proposals for the site.  After one of them is selected, they will be required to acquire the property at fair market value.

A future development at 1st Street and Boyle Avenue would follow the Santa Cecilia Apartments, a four-story affordable housing complex now rising across the intersection.

On the opposite side of 1st Street, a Metro-controlled site flanking Mariachi Plaza is also expected to be developed at some point in the near-term future, although an earlier botched attempt drew widespread community opposition in 2014.

View of 110 S. Boyle Avenue (Image: Google Street View)
Project site and surroundings (Image: Google Maps)

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