Los Angeles Should Ignore Elon Musk and Build Subway Tunnels to Relieve Traffic

It's worked for every other major city in the world.

For months Elon Musk has busied himself with an atypical solution to Los Angeles' traffic woes. In lieu of a more traditional approach such as mass transit or highway widening, he has founded a company called The Boring Company, whose goal is to build an elaborate subterranean network of roads. These is not your usual highway tunnels, featuring onramps and offramps. Musk wants to build multilevel tunnels, supporting cars at up to 125 miles per hour.

Looking at Metro's Options for Fixing Flower Street

Metro considers reconstructing Blue and Expo Line tracks to prevent delays.

During February’s meeting of the Metro Board of Directors, as part of what Mayor Garcetti referred to as the Board’s commitment to the system’s legacy lines, the directors passed a motion to study a suite of improvements to the Blue Line that would increase passenger safety while making trips between Los Angeles and Long Beach “faster and better.” Metro staff was directed to report back to the board on the viability of a host of options, including grade separations for the wye junction connecting the Blue and Expo Lines at Washington Boulevard as well as for Pico station.

Reviewing Metro’s New Local Return Floor Alternatives

With millions of local return dollars on the line, there is lots of wrangling over how to distribute funding.

At last month’s meeting of the Metro Board of Directors, staff gave a presentation on the updated alternatives for distributing Measure M’s local return funding, revenue that jurisdictions within the county can spend autonomously, as long as they spend it on transportation-related expenses. A sizable chunk of the new sales tax, 17% of the net revenue, is dedicated to local return.

How Could Metro Improve Its Gold Line Extension Plans?

$6 billion is available for a two pronged extension east from Atlantic Station.

At this month’s board meeting, Metro’s Directors approved the alternatives for the final environmental study of the Gold Line extension. The project, which has $6 billion in funding from Measure M, will extend light rail from its current terminus at the intersection of Pomona and Atlantic to the cities of Whittier and South El Monte.

How Los Angeles can maximize the value of the Union Station run-through tracks

Los Angeles should modernize Metrolink to maximize the value of the Link US project.

Los Angeles is in the midst of an ambitious expansion of its rail network. Among the most intriguing projects in this transit buildout is the proposed run-through tracks at Union Station, called Link US. Approved two months ago, the $2.75-billion project will reconfigure the current stub-end layout of the station, allowing for through routing by 2024.

The Eastside’s Six Billion Dollar Question

Can this really be what a comprehensive rail network for the Eastside should look like?

Last month, Metro staff presented a series of updates on the eastside Gold Line Extension to the Board's Planning and Programming Committee. The presentation detailed route revisions for both the 60 freeway and the Washington Boulevard alternatives, along with a new combined alternative for analysis in the upcoming final round of environmental studies for the project. Notably, despite a number of financially-significant details that emerged, there was little discussion on the item, which will be heard by the full board at the end of May.

What Could a Blue Line Express Look Like?

Speeding Metro's oldest light rail line would require big changes.

As Metro embarks on the next phase of its rail expansion program, it faces calls from riders and members of its Board to make improvements to older pieces of infrastructure. The Blue Line, Metro’s oldest line, has seen increasing interest amid declining rider satisfaction and increasing trip times.

Metro’s Ambitious Blue Line Plans Need to Fix Flower Street

At-grade tracks through Downtown Los Angeles complicate commutes.

As the Blue Line, the oldest line in Los Angeles’ modern rail network, nears its 27th anniversary of operations, Metro is redoubling its efforts to improve rail service between Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Breaking Down the Draft Expo Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan

New zoning and development standards proposed around the Expo Line.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Department of City Planning has released its latest draft of the Exposition Corridor Transit Neighobrhood Plan, which is intended to regulate land use surrounding Metro's popular Expo Line.

Metro Takes a Key Step on Vermont Subway

The "missing link" in Los Angeles' rail network.

On Thursday, Metro’s Board of Directors received updates on the Bus Rapid Transit project that would improve a 12-mile corridor between Los Feliz and the Century Freeway. Near-term improvements for this stretch could include dedicated bus lanes, and, where the street is particularly wide, center-running operations that could significantly increase the operating speeds of 204 and 754 buses. This project is funded by Measure M, and it represents a significant step forward from the status quo.