Nearly two years after we last dropped by, vertical construction is complete for a two-building mixed-use complex in East Hollywood.

Located at 5245 Santa Monica boulevard, the project will feature 49 apartments above 45,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.  A five-story structure greets Santa Monica Boulevard, with upper levels set back to create terraces and an interior courtyard set into the building.  The back of the property, located on Virginia Avenue, will feature a smaller three-story edifice.

The Albert Group Architects designed the project, which will feature an exterior of reddish-brown sandstone and gray cement panels.

Image courtesy of TAG Architects

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Multifamily residential development located on the outskirts of Westwood and Century City.

A new multifamily residential development is now rising on the outskirts of Westwood and Century City.  The project, located at 10534 W. Santa Monica Boulevard, consists of a five-story building that will feature 37 apartments - including three very-low-income units - above three levels of basement parking for 45 vehicles.