This November, Los Angeles County voters will decide whether or not to tax themselves indefinitely to build hundreds of miles of transit infrastructure criss-crossing Southern California.  One of those projects, the $1.3-billion East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor, is expected to open in 2027.

In preparation for a light rail or bus rapid transit line down Van Nuys Boulevard, the City of Los Angeles is now planning for future development along the approximately nine-mile corridor.

A motion by Councilman Felipe Fuentes directs city staff to begin collaborating with local organizations such as Pacoima Beautiful and the Valley Economic Development Corporation on strategic outreach and community engagement.  The effort is intended to yield a plan which address the needs and concerns of current residents in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, including affordable housing, job creation and displacement.

The study is being funded by approximately $525,000 from the Council District AB1290 Fund, which alots money for redevelopment and community services.

A similar campaign to plan transit-oriented communities around the stations on the Orange Line busway is already underway.

Image via Metro
Image via Metro

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