The sleepy collection of office parks on the east side of Warner Center could become more lively, according to a new filing with the Department of City Planning.

Yesterday, plans were submitted to the City of Los Angeles to construct a seven-story hotel at 21110 W. Oxnard Street.  The proposed development would feature an unspecified number of guest rooms and an underground parking garage.

The 1.22-acre property, which also fronts Variel Avenue, is currently occupied by the Warner Center Business Park.  City records date the complex to the early 1980s.

The development site is controlled by Allison Asset Management, a family-owned real estate firms which manages the property holdings accummulated by Warner Center-founded Robert Allison.  According to the company's website, Allison brokered the sale of the 630-acre Warner Ranch property to Aetna Life Inusrance Company in 1968, and then oversaw the master planning, zoning and land sales of the area.

Nearly a half-century later, Allison's vision has transformed Warner Center into a major economic hub for the San Fernando Valley, with a high-rise skyline that is visible for miles around.

Following the approval of the Warner Center 2035 plan, the somewhat staid business district is expected to further progress into a more traditional urban environment by incorporating high-density housing and pedestrian-oriented commercial space.

Several developers have taken the reigns in this transformation, highlighted by multi-billion dollar projects from the Westfield Corporation and Boston Global Investors.

21110 W. Oxnard Street (Image: Google Street View)
Project site and surroundings (Image: Google Maps)

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