Jamison Services, Inc. has purchased an entitled development site in Koreatown for $14 million, reports the L.A. Business Journal.

The property, located at the southeast corner of 8th Street and Harvard Boulevard, is entitled for the construction of a six-story building featuring 131 residential units and 7,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.

Archeon Group, a Koreatown-based architecture and planning firm, has generated preliminary designs for the project.

Image via Archeon Group

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Six-Story Apartment Building to Rise on Westlake Parking Lot

Another project through the Transit Oriented Communities program.

A 9,300-square-foot surface parking lot in Westlake is slated for development, according to plans filed last week with the City of Los Angeles.

The property, located at 366 S. Loma Drive, could see the construction of a six-story building featuring 39 apartments - including affordable units - above a partially subterranean parking garage.