Plans have been filed to construct a mixed-use development in the Palms neighborhood - one block outside of Downtown Culver City.

The project, slated for an L-shaped site at 9900 Venice Boulevard, calls for razing a small medical office building and single-family home to construct a 52-unit apartment complex featuring ground-floor retail space.

The applicant is seeking entitlements with density bonus incentives, which are requested in exchange for setting aside five units in the proposed development for extremely-low-income households.

Additional details regarding the project are unclear based on its case filing.

The development site is located just west of a currently vacant lot zoned for up to 63 apartments that California Landmark Group recently purchased for $7 million.  CLG recently completed another multifamily residential development known as the 3838 on an adjoining property.

9900 Venice Boulevard. Image via Google Maps.
9900 Venice Boulevard. Image via Google Maps.

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