A horse stable on the outskirts of Griffith Park is slated for redevelopment as a new small lot subdivision.

The project site, located at 1900 Riverside Drive, sits within Glendale city limits.  An application submitted last month to Glendale's Planning and Neighborhood Services Division calls for the demolition of all existing structures - which date to the late 1930s and late 1940s - followed by the construction of 21 single-family residences.

Additional details about the proposed development are currently unclear.

1900 Riverside Drive. Image via Google Maps.

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12 Small Lot Houses to Rise at Silver Lake & Marathon

The new development was designed by Newman Garrison Partners.

Another development of small lot homes is expected to rise in Silver Lake, according to RSE Capital Partners.

The latest project, located at the intersection of Marathon Street and Silver Lake Boulevard, will consist of 12 single family residences.  Each three-story structure would feature a private patio and a two-car garage, arranged around a common driveway.