14th District Councilmember Jose Huizar will announce tomorrow that Jovenes, Inc. - a non-profit organization that serves homeless youth - will redevelop a City-owned property in Boyle Heights with apartments for homeless college students.

The project sited, located at 3551 E. 4th Street, is being developed in partnership with Restore Neighborhoods L.A.  The development team was the sole bidder for the property, which has remained vacant for years.

Community development financing institution Genesis L.A. is partnering on the project, which will use private capital and donations to build the proposed development more quickly and at a lower cost than more traditional developments.

The subject property is located in close proximity to the Gold Line's Indiana Station.

Huizar has also announced plans to help Jovenes expand its services near its headquarters at 1304 E. Pleasant Avenue.  The City-owned Aliso Triangle site, currently surrounded by Jovenes' headquarters, could be used to expand the existing facility into a more campus-like setting.

The project development is subject to approval by the City's Municipal Facilities, and later full approval by the City Council.


3551 E. 4th Street. Image via Google Maps.
Aliso Triangle. Image via Google Maps

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