An auto repair garage is South Los Angeles may have a date with the wrecking ball, and a new affordable housing complex is set to rise its place.

Earlier today, plans were filed with the City of Los Angeles to construct a 51-unit apartment complex at 432 E. Florence Avenue.  The project would include a manager's apartment, as well as 50 units set aside for extremely low income households - those making 30 percent or less than the Los Angeles area median income.

Though modest in scale, the project is notable as it appears to be the first to take advantage of the City of Los Angeles' Transit Oriented Communities Guidelines, which were officially adopted in September.  The program - mandated by Measure JJJ - is intended to spur affordable housing production through development incentives.

Specific incentives requested for the Florence Avenue project - which is located in a Tier 3 zone - are relief from yard setback requirements and an additional 11 feet of height.  The Tier 3 zone also allows for parking reductions and increases in density and floor area.


Image via Google Maps

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The proposed development makes use of the Transit Oriented Communities guidelines.

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