Long before becoming the epicenter for the film industry, Los Angeles was an oil town.

Though few remnants remain today, a large oil field once cut a broad swath through the heart of Los Angeles, running from just south of present-day Dodger Stadium to Vermont Avenue in what is now Koreatown.  It began large-scale operations in the early 1890s, before peaking at the turn of the 20th century and falling into decline as development encroached into its territory over ensuing decades.

A photo from the USC Digital Archive, taken near the intersection of Edgeware Road and Court Street in the first decade of the 1900s, depicts oil production in the Westlake area near the era's peak.  Note the small home at 1274 Court Street at the terminus of Edgeware.

The after image, taken in 2018 by Laurie Avocado, shows this same view in a modern context.  Gone are the abundance of oil drills, replaced by the skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles.  The lone remnant of the century-old image is that same house at 1274 Court Street.

Oil drills on Edgeware Road via USC Digital Archives
The same view today by Laurie Avocado

New Housing and Retail Coming to North Orange County

Plans call for 208 for-sale homes...and an In-N-Out.

Brookfield Residential and Frontier Real Estate Investments will break ground tomorrow on a joint mixed-use development in northern Orange County.  The first project, called The Village @Beach, will overhaul a 10-acre retail center at Beach and Garden Grove Boulevards in Stanton into 95,000 square feet of new shops and restaurants.  The second, known as Lantana @Beach, will add 208 for-sale residences designed by Robert Hidey Architects on an adjacent 12-acre site.